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Energy Efficient Vehicles 2014
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Under the headline „Visions, Trends, and Solutions for Energy Efficient Vehicles“ the present state of technology and current trends in research and development in the field of energy efficient vehicles are discussed, based on actual development reports, system descriptions and case studies. Contents: Vehicle Aerodynamics and Thermal Management in Future Hybrid and Electrical Vehicles – Risks and Solutions for Modern Energy Harvesting – A Dynamic Programming Based Simulation Tool for Optimizing Vehicle System Efficiency – Cost-optimal Operational Strategies for Hybrid Vehicles – Simulative Determination of CO2 and Pollutant Emissions of a HEV with Multicriteria-optimised Operation Strategy in Customer Use – Estimation of the Optimal Length of Run of Electromobile Taking Into Account its Main Parameters – Driver Individual Energy Consumption Forecast – Using Online Data from Local Traffic Management Centers to Assist an Energy-Efficient Driving Behavior – Improvements on the Accuracy of Electro-mechanical Simulation of Series-parallel Hybrid System Power Train - Detailing the motor system including simulation model for the inverter and boost converter – Safe test bench equipment for automotive Lithium-ion batteries – Intelligent Charging Infrastructure Research Platform – Multi-physics modeling approach for energy efficient drive solutions – Requirements to Electrics/Electronics Architectures due to Dual Voltage Power Supplies with 48 Volt in Vehicles – Holistic approach for the design of power supply systems in an early development phase for future vehicles – Two voltage battery as one storage solution for a 12 V/48 V power supply – Hardware Test Bench for the Evaluation of E/E-Architectures with Respect to Partitioning of Vehicle Functions and Energy Efficiency – A system-orientated approach towards an integrated module-oriented model-based Electrical/Electronic architecture design Interested parties: Spezialisten und Anwender der Bereiche: Systemvernetzung – Software- und Hard-wareentwicklung – Forschung und (Vor-) Entwicklung – Systementwicklung, Applikation Editors: Univ.-Prof. Bernard Bäker, Chair of Vehicle Mechatronics, Dresden Institute of Automobile Engineering – IAD, Technische Universität Dresden, Dresden Dipl.-Ing. Lutz Morawietz, Chair of Vehicle Mechatronics, Technische Universität Dresden; IAM GmbH, Dresden

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